Retail's Change Manifesto: Six Critical Steps to an Enterprise that Thrives on Disruption

As technological, geopolitical, legislative and consumer disruption permeates all areas of life, retailers are being forced to take a hard look at what they sell, where and how they sell and to whom they sell. Our goal with this manifesto is to help you embark on this process by identifying, defining and investigating the hallmarks of retail enterprises that have learned to enthusiastically embrace disruption.

Aptos and Retail TouchPoints have partnered with many retail thought leaders who have shared best practices for creating enterprises built for change. We've compiled their insights into a monthly podcast series, interactive iPapers and other resources to help get you started on your journey.

Episode 04: Scale Globally, Connect Locally

In this episode, we’re joined by Terry Toland, an associate at A.T. Kearney’s Global Business Policy Council. He offers his expert opinion on how retailers can effectively scale their business by connecting locally with a variety of new customers, touching on how the shift from globalization to multi-localism is forcing brands to reconsider the way they operate in other countries.

Episode 03: How to Create Irrational Loyalty

We’re joined by Deb Gabor, a leading expert on branding; she is an author and founder of Sol Marketing, a consultancy that has led successful strategy engagements for various global and digital brands. She provides her commentary on how retail brands can not only find their ideal customer archetype, but more importantly, create a brand relationship that authentically connects to that customer to build long-lasting, irrational loyalty.

Episode 02: Building a Digital-First Brand

Jeff Fromm, an international speaker on youth culture trends, shares what brands need to do first, before even thinking about digital, to make sure digital communications are relevant and authentic. He explores what it takes to reach those elusive digital-native Millennials and Gen Z’s and covers several brands who are doing it right—and some who have missed the mark—in their efforts to market to today’s consumers who demand more from the companies they do business with.

Episode 01: Creating an Element of Surprise to Delight Your Customers

In this episode, Gabriela Baiter, Founder and Creative Director of Whereabout Studio, an agency that helps brands design compelling experiences through pop-up and permanent store locations, explores several examples of innovative companies that are creating customer delight on each step of their customer journey.

Built for Change 

Retail's Change Manifesto: Six Critical Steps to an Enterprise that Thrives on Disruption


The interactive guide and workbook that started it all. Learn about the six critical steps you need to take to build an enterprise that thrives on disruption.


IDC MarketScape Report


In this report, IDC evaluates several enterprise software vendors according to their successes in designing, developing, installing, configuring and maintaining the evolution of a retail commerce platform.


The Aptos Approach to Microservices


This white paper explains the general architectural principles of microservices and how Aptos has applied six key principles in our approach to a microservices architecture.