Engage Europe Digital Summit 2019

Planning Stream 17th - 21st June

This series of educational and impactful webinars will explore how rapidly evolving technologies are helping Aptos retailers around the globe keep pace with constantly shifting shopper demands.

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17th June - 13:00 BST: 
Singular Retail Success: How 1,000 Retail Brands Deliver Seamless Brand Experiences with Aptos

Over 1,000 retail brands around the world rely upon Aptos’ Singular Retail solutions to manage every aspect of the merchandise, customer and order lifecycles to deliver the seamless brand experiences that their demanding customers require. Join Aptos Regional Vice President Richard Willis for a tour of the Aptos solution portfolio. During this fast-paced and informative session, Richard will review all of our solutions, the business challenges and opportunities they manage, and the value derived by Aptos customers using these products. 

Richard Willis

18th June - 15:00 BST:  
Transforming Merchandise Decision Making: The Value of an End-to-End Solution

Decision-making processes for merchandise are at the heart of the retail organisation. They involve many specialist disciplines and skillsets: from design and buying, to supply chain and logistics decisions, through to allocation, replenishment and the point of sale. Discover how Aptos' Merchandise Lifecycle Management solution brings these teams together into a single process.

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19th June - 13:00 BST: 
Planning Meets Innovation for Profitable, Localised Collections

Fast fashion, complex customers’ buying journeys, calls for hyper-localised assortments: the challenges modern retailers face are many and sustained success requires new mindsets, skills and processes. The leaders in the race to customer-centricity and localisation are embracing important actions: first, they are placing increased emphasis on developing more accurate planning capabilities that are infused with science and artificial intelligence. Second, they are bringing this deeper knowledge of the market back upstream to the whole value chain, including the creative and product teams. The entire value chain is realising new benefits from these market insights and together they are identifying the smartest products to meet demand, from the earliest stages of development.

Daniele Bonura       Luca Ferraris

20th June - 11:00 BST:  
Making the Bottom Line with Forecasting, Allocation and Replenishment 

In a short-life fashion environment, making the right decision to move stock is as vital as it is complex and a profit opportunity can turn to markdown very quickly. Millions of decisions are required by SKU, by Store, by Day (and don’t forget the online channels!) to ensure that just the right amount of inventory is in front of the customer. In this talk, we make a case for the importance of this discipline and how technology and Artificial Intelligence can very quickly make a huge difference.

Dave Sheekey       Nick Thompson

20th June - 15:00 BST: 
Analytics in Planning

Merchandise planning in retail typically takes on two distinct worlds: adjusting for current business conditions today while simultaneously analysing what you will do in the future. Managing these two distinct worlds can be challenging. Join us for this informative session to learn how Aptos Analytics can empower planners to make efficient and informed decisions through every phase of the planning lifecycle.

Nick Leeper

21st June - 13:00 BST:  
The 3 Ways to Make Your Fashion More Sustainable

Attention to the environment has never been higher and the fashion sector has taken note. During this webinar we will look at 3 practices retail brands should examine to make their business ever more sustainable and how these programs can positively affect both customer satisfaction and the bottom line:

- The potential of virtual prototyping and sampling to slash time to market and minimise the commitment of fabrics and manufacturing resources in pre-production phases;

- The importance of formalised CSR plans to choose the best suppliers that respect your codes of conduct for eco-friendly, quality products;

- The right assortments at the right time for the customer to reduce overstocks and waste across the chain while boosting customer satisfaction and merchandise performance.

Luca Ferrari

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