Engage Europe Digital Summit 2019

Omnichannel Stream 24th - 28th June

This series of educational and impactful webinars will explore how rapidly evolving technologies are helping Aptos retailers around the globe keep pace with constantly shifting shopper demands.

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24th June - 15:00 BST: 
The Rising Value of Analytics in Omnichannel Retail

With all the moving parts of an omnichannel retail environment, understanding how to evaluate and use analytics to measure and evaluate the entirety of the omnichannel enterprise is critical. Join Product Director Nick Leeper for this informative session to learn how Aptos Analytics can help you monitor order management processes to ensure you profitably and consistently deliver on your promise of seamless omnichannel experiences, no matter when where or how they shop.


25th June - 15:00 BST:  
Aptos EOM: The Hub of Aptos Omnichannel Operations Platform

Order Management technology has emerged as the key to seamless and profitable experiences across channels. Join Aptos Product Director Vikas Aron to understand how Aptos Enterprise Order Management is helping brands and retailers realise their omnichannel vision.


26th June - 13:00 BST: 
Aptos Store 6 & Aptos ONE: Working Together to Drive Better Experiences and Greater Value

Aptos is a worldwide leader in POS technology, with our Store solutions now live in over 135,000 stores in 60 countries around the world. Our new Aptos ONE platform, representing the future of Unified Commerce, has been designed to co-exist seamlessly with our Store solutions. Join Aptos Regional Vice President Richard Willis for an informative look into how these two powerful solutions work together to provide best-in-class functionality today, combined with an integrated path to the future. Richard will focus primarily on how these solutions impact store experience, including the benefits and capabilities to shoppers, store managers and associates.


27th June - 11:00 BST:  
Singular Retail Success: How 1,000 Retail Brands Deliver Seamless Brand Experiences with Aptos 

Over 1,000 retail brands around the world rely upon Aptos’ Singular Retail solutions to manage every aspect of the merchandise, customer and order lifecycles to deliver the seamless brand experiences that their demanding customers require. Join Aptos Regional Vice President Richard Willis for a tour of the Aptos solution portfolio. During this fast-paced and informative session, Richard will review all of our solutions, the business challenges and opportunities they manage, and the value derived by Aptos customers using these products.


27th June - 15:00 BST: 
Aptos ONE: Update and Roadmap

Aptos ONE is our next-generation microservices platform. Attend this session to learn where we started, what we've accomplished with it over the last year and where it is headed next.


28th June - 15:00 BST: 
Enhancing Your Aptos Customer Experience Journey

Hear from Aptos’ VP of Customer Experience, Brian Hayward, as he shares Aptos’ plans to further enhance your Client Care experience. Hayward will discuss how Aptos is accelerating its focus on a customer-centric culture and shifting to a more proactive customer support model for the future. Session attendees will also discover the new technologies and processes that will be implemented - including an accelerated support resolution model - to make doing business with Aptos easier than ever.


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